Wire Guide Roller Coating and Grooving Services


• PU mixing process is controlled by latest Siemens micro computer technology in dispensing of Polyurethane (PU)

• Capable of producing highly consistent PU quality for Wire Guide Roller coating

• Uses high quality PU material imported from USA and Australia

UIS CMP Ring Technology

UIS Mirror Surface: Surface Roughness of CMP Ring is one of the highly concern issue in CMP process. In order to prevent micro-scratches and improve on the qualification rate before running in actual process; UIS Technologies successfully developed mirror surface technology that can apply for all type of CMP ring.

UIS CMP ring with mirror surface tested under Monochromatic light, shows excellent result with 2 light bands. Enhancement of this technology enables end user to skip break in process before run into actual wafer production line.

Reverse Engineering
We implement highly efficient vise which enable to clamp multi object at the same time on a work place.
Process Improvement
Every single process change requires edge find setting that take a lot of time.
Quality Assurance
To minimize machine setting period & load/ unload fabrication parts.